Friday, April 13

Friday potluck - on the road edition

This week's potluck is travel-themed...

Yoga on the go:
The DFW airport just opened a yoga studio! DFW was already my favorite "athletic" airport (I love walking laps around the terminals). Now it's even better. From the DFW folks:
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"Relax in our brand new yoga studio now open inside Terminal D at Gate D40! The Yoga Studio is free to use and comes equipped with airport-supplied yoga mats, hand sanitizer and a partial privacy screen. Here at DFW, we believe in the pursuit of healthy lifestyle choices...even while you travel!"
I do "airport yoga" (gentle stretching while waiting at the gate) during layovers anyway. Now maybe people will stop giving me the stink eye for it!

Boston fever:
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  • The Boston Museum of Science, place of field-trip dreams when I was a kid, is hosting a week-long marathon exhibit.
  • New Balance opened a store in Copley Square that features a Boston-themed running shoe, the "Boston 890v2." The shoe features Boston images, including a lobstah (which is, in my humble opinion, how you pronounce the word for the tasty crustacean) and Heartbreak Hill. And in a nod to true Bostonians, the shoelaces ends read "run fastah." (Many thanks to the Joyful Girl for sending this news story my way.)

Where in the world have you been? Bucket list apps:
New bucket lists apps are making the rounds on Facebook to ask how many foods you've tried, states you've been to, and beers you've tasted. (You can compare your stats with mine if you'd like.)

And since I've been around the block a few times...
I started a travel board on Pinterest to flag some of the places I've been to over the years. (Pinterest can't be all wedding planning all the time, can it?)

Happy Friday, people!

Where have you traveled to most recently?


  1. haha so glad you got a kick out of the New Balance story- I love the shoelaces, and the correct pronunciation of the crustacean is definitely "lobstah". :-D I'll be heading in to town on Monday to cheer on the runners at the Boston Marathon (influenced by some of your spectator-related posts), and hope to post pics next week sometime. :)

    The yoga studio at DFW is an awesome idea. It's so important to stretch when you're cooped up on a plane for hours- good stuff! Maybe others will follow their lead... :)

    Happy Friday!


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