Tuesday, September 18

Itchy feet and favorite travel blogs

So... in case you missed the memo, I'm sidelined from running. Again.

The past six weeks have been an oddly stationary period in my life.
I haven't been running or flying.
My right calf is recalcitrant.
Not flying makes "travel Tuesday" posts a little more difficult to write, and not running makes maintaining a running blog a particularly interesting challenge!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I found a new pool for pool running.
(More on that later...)

And fortunately (or unfortunately?) I'm nearing the end of almost six weeks on the ground before a whirlwind of autumn travel begins that will keep me in the air or on the road every other week - sometimes every week - from now until the end of the year.

My upcoming travel is a very good thing. I have a serious case of itchy feet - and not just because of PF and my cranky calf.
Noun: itchy feet - a very strong or irresistible  impulse to travel; wanderlust
Give me a backpack and an e-ticket, and I'm a happy girl. (Yes, I carry a backpack even for work trips.) So this "travel Tuesday" I'm happy to say that I'll be traveling again soon.

Indeed I'll be traveling enough that I'll want - and need - a rest when the winter is over. I'm looking forward to being travel-weary three months from now the way I look forward to the being exhausted and taking a good long nap after a hard race.

But that doesn't start 'til tomorrow...

In the meantime, here are a few of the travel-ish blogs I've relied on for a fix while I've been resting.
  • Travel Spot is one of my go-to blogs. I particularly enjoyed the recent "signs" post, especially "beware of alligators" and "things found in tires."
  • I See Trails is my way of enjoying hikes up majestic mountains when I can't get away from flat (*cough*) Florida.
  • (Just) Trying is for Little Girls is a favorite of mine. You're probably thinking "this isn't a travel blog!" But hear me out on this: Kim is racing her way through 13.1s in all 50 states. For the past few weeks I've been living vicariously through her miles (both running and frequent flier).
  • I found Mo Travels through Running Trip. I found Running Trip when I was looking for places to run in Barcelona a year ago. I enjoy both.

Do you follow any travel blogs?
Feel free to leave recommendations - including a plug for your own blog if you are a travel writer - in the comments!

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