Wednesday, September 26

Is it Pool Running or Aqua Jogging?

Alt. title: Exercises to do while nursing an injured calf

My September entry into the New 2 U Cross Training Challenge is both the lamest and the most creative of my entries to date.

My sole goal: get a good workout without putting any strain on my right foot and calf.

This sounds pretty simple until you realize that nearly every aerobic and strength exercise involves standing, jumping, pushing, or pedaling with your feet. Even core exercises like planks are out of the question.

Google searches for "exercise with calf strain" return almost nothing of use. There are exercises to do once your calf is healing, but no advice at all about what to do to keep from going batsh*t crazy during the week or two during which you need to stay off your leg.

Yes, yes... I know I could just laze around, read, nap, repeat.
But I have never been good at sitting still. Maybe I had undiagnosed ADHD as a child? Either way, I don't intend to change now.

So this month's workouts took some creativity. I developed a strength training routine to use during these dark days of calf-strain-plus-PF:
  • bent-knee push ups
  • cat/cow pose
  • bicycle crunches
  • rowing crunches
  • Russian twists
  • 1980s aerobic-video-style leg lifts
  • superman and hollow-man
  • alternating donkey kicks and "dirty dogs" (one leg at a time, none of this jumping stuff)
Source: via Joanne on Pinterest

In addition, I did a workout I've never done before: pool running.

Or maybe it's called aqua jogging?
(If it's really "aqua jogging" this is the one and only time you can call me a jogger without ending our friendship.)

Whatever we call it, I've been "running" in the water-aerobics-area of my local pool after I finish lap swimming. I can't say pool running will ever replace real running, but it was a nice alternative while I was hobbling around.

I'm also glad that the Cross Training Challenge got me back in the water with snorkeling in July, lap swimming in August, and now pool running/aqua jogging in September.

That said, I think I need to return to dry land for my October challenge.

So is it called "pool running" or "aqua jogging?"
Have you ever tried aqua jogging or other water aerobics?
Clearly I need a non-aquatic activity for my next cross training challenge...
Any suggestions for another new-to-me exercise to try?

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