Friday, September 14

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!

This week's theme: musical chairs.

Stupid people tricks

This week in the "don't try this at home" files: tourists in Yellowstone taunt a bison.
The shocker? The tourists are somehow shocked when the 1,800 pound animal charges them.

This isn't the first time I've talked about "vacation brain," but I'm still stupefied every time I witness another example. (Insert Harvey Danger lyrics here...)
As close as I ever want to get to a bison (Yellowstone, summer 2010)

Soulful tunes

Are you tired of hearing the same five songs on the radio? Do you like deep tracks and unique not-on-the-top-40-list discoveries ranging from R&B to Funk, from Gospel to Psych to Soul, and anything else you can think of?

Follow Coffeepot Records on Facebook for spam-free samples of music you won't find anywhere else.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

For every runner who complained about this summer's hot and miserable running weather: you weren't just being dramatic. This summer was the third hottest on record.

Toe-tapping good time

After the intro, this video shows the Dirty Dozen Brass Band performing a song any runner should appreciate. I love "My Feet Can't Fail Me Now" for so many reasons, not the least of which is that my toes start tapping as soon as I hear it.

So... the video is probably NSFW, but only because your co-workers might frown upon dancing in your cubicle. Here at my home office Peanut doesn't seem to mind that my... feet... can't... fail... me now! My feet can't fail me now!

Rockin' and runnin'

If you're thinking of running a Rock 'n' Roll race in 2013, there are some discount codes you should know about. Try code LUCKY13 on the 13th of any month to get a $13 discount off of your registration.

Speaking of discounts on races, for those of you in my neighborhood, the Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series is offering two races for (almost) the price of one. Normally $55 each, you can register for both the Gulf Shores Half and Pensacola Beach Half for less than $90. This is well worth the price IMHO - I loved Gulf Shores last year and Pensacola Beach isn't a bad race either

One last reminder

Tomorrow is International Coastal Cleanup Day.

If you can spare the time, spend a couple of hours picking up junk. It counts both as good karma and a good workout!

Oh, and the musical reference? Florida's sand sings.

I've heard the siren song of the sand, but didn't realize what it was until I read Lauren's tweet.

Quote of the week:
"My feet can't fail me now"
Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Happy Friday, friends!

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