Thursday, September 27

Thursday thanks

Here are a few things I'm thankful for this week...
Alt. Title: "You know you're an adult when..."

Thankful for: Running 4 miles pain-free on Tuesday.
The older I get, the more aches and pains I have. But I'm still going to blame them all on "running injury" there is no such thing as "old age" in this house!

Thankful for: The arrival of our new vacuum cleaner.
I think this fits squarely into the category of "you know you're an adult when..." you are happy about buying a new vacuum cleaner. But hey, the old one was dead, the new one works like a champ, and this house would be a bloody mess if we had no way to pick up the twigs, leaves, mud, and other evidence of our outdoor adventures!

Thankful for: Happy hour with my buddies, then staying out waaaaaay past my bedtime last Friday.
I'm decidedly not thankful for the ensuing hangover. Why is it that hangovers last all day once you pass the age of 30? Let's just say it was an unpleasant flight back home on Saturday...

Thankful for: Sleeping in this morning!
Ok, maybe this one makes me sound more like a teenager...

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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