Sunday, September 9

My weekend (in photos)

This weekend I worked a lot, ran a little, and took some photos.

Rather than rant about working a full day on a Saturday or rave about how good my elliptical-to-treadmill 7-miler was (recovery run!), I figured I'd share a few of the photos.

The photos are a lot more fun.
Rainbow over the bayou on Saturday morning

Spotted an adorable little tree frog (I think it's a squirrel tree frog).
Any critter that eats bugs is a good critter in my book!

Signs of fall? Southern Tier Pumking (Imperial pumpkin ale) and a hard cider
make for-class reading feel less like work and more like a relaxing afternoon
I'd include photos of my Sunday afternoon football-watching, too, but I don't want a cease-and-desist from the NFL...

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