Saturday, November 24

Gifts that won't wind up in a landfill

If you're tired of all of the Black Friday shenanigans of ever-earlier store openings and the never-ending competition to find The Perfect Gift, I have an antidote:
Make it,
buy it local,
or gift an experience instead of an item.
I got inspired to write this list when I was brainstorming a "gifts that need no wrapping" article for

For the runner in your life, consider gifting:
  • Entry into a race the runner wants to run, but hasn't registered for
  • Homemade protein bites, or other post-race recovery treat
  • Sessions with a running coach

For the hiker or trail-runner in your life, consider gifting:
  • A national parks pass or state parks pass
  • Homemade granola
  • A charitable donation, in the person's honor, to a wilderness preservation organization

For any fitness-minded friends and family, consider gifting:
  • Gym membership
  • Sessions with a personal trainer
  • A massage
  • Classes at a local yoga or pilates studio
  • A gift certificate to the person's favorite healthy restaurant

The moral of this story: It is possible to give someone a meaningful, thoughtful gift that won't end up in a landfill. And all of these gifts are virtually guaranteed to fit, require no gift-wrapping, and don't involve fighting through holiday shopping crowds. Win-win-win!

What clever can't-be-wrapped gifts have you given or gotten over the years?

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