Sunday, November 11


I'm going streaking!

(No, mom. Not that kind of streaking.)

Last winter I competed a holiday running streak: Thanksgiving into the New Year. A minimum of one mile run each day. Treadmills, tracks, roads, and trails count. Running while playing another sport (basketball, tennis) does not. Pool running and elliptical workouts are also out (at least according to the rules set by Streak Runners International, Inc.... Yes, folks - there is a cult support group.)
I'll be seeing this, rain or shine,
every day from now 'til the new year.

The minimum mile must be run.

Last winter I ran on 42 consecutive days, covering 135 miles, across three coasts (Gulf, Pacific, Mediterranean) and two continents, finishing my streak while on vacation in Barcelona.

This year I toyed with the idea of streaking again.

I wasn't sure whether or not my calf could handle the increase in activity so soon.

So I started small.

For the past couple of weeks I've been running a tidy little mile around my neigbhorhood on my "rest" days.

And when I logged today's run, I realized I've already been streaking for 16 days!


Anyone wanna streak with me through the new year?

I'll start a wall of fame with links to your posts if you're streaking.

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