Tuesday, November 13

Seen on the run (San Diego edition)

Have you ever witnessed a string of events that leave you scratching your head thinking:
"Hmm... Did I miss a memo, or has the whole world lost it's mind?"
On a handful of runs through downtown San Diego, I witnessed the following:

While heading out of my hotel for an early morning run, I passed a stumbling-drunk bunch of young'uns.* One of the women, barefoot but still in a brilliant red evening gown, was laughing hysterically. Clearly her friends were not amused. When they asked why she was laughing so hard, she admitted "I puked outside the room."

Image source
Not the woman from my hotel, but a reasonable fascimile

On a lighter note, the following morning I went for a 3-miler through Balboa Park. After stopping to smell the roses in the rose garden, I passed a man walking his French bulldog. The dog was sporting a black and white striped shirt (think prison stripes... or mimes) and black rhinestone sunglasses.
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What still puzzles me is... With no nose to hold 'em up, how do the glasses stay on??

Right after the pinstripe pup, I ran up behind a woman who was muttering aloud about how the CIA "made a big mistake. Really made a big mistake."

Normally I'd pass this off as the ramblings of one of the unfortunate (but not uncommon) mentally-ill homeless residents of the park. (Let's just say this isn't the first time I've overheard someone in the park muttering about CIA conspiracies.) But... given the news about Petraeus... I had to do a double take. Maybe she really was having a politically-relevant conversation with someone via bluetooth? Unfortunately she was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, so I'll never know if she was a political junkie or a conspiracy theorist.

(Let this be a lesson: If you talk aloud in public, people will question your mental health... Cell phone or no cell phone.)

What's the weirdest thing you've witnessed on a run?

*Yes, "young'uns." If you look 22 and act 12, you deserve to be called a young'un.

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