Wednesday, November 14

Maps for runners

Happy Geography Awareness Week and Happy GIS Day!

Yes, folks. I know I'm a geek...
But what sociologist/runner/traveler wouldn't be lost without maps?

As one of the lone remaining Garmin-free runners, I use MapPedometer to log my miles. I enjoy clicking and zooming around a neighborhood rather than standing in a parking lot, holding my wrist up to the sky, hoping for a signal. (That said, if Santa bought me a GPS watch for the holidays, I wouldn't turn it away...)

I also keep track of all the places I've run using Trip Advisor's pin map.

Another tool I turn to, especially when I'm looking for a running route in an unfamiliar city, is MapMyRun. I prefer the simplicity (read: fewer advertisements!!!) of MapPedometer's interface for map distance measures, but MapMyRun's online tool also allows users to search through a database of routes that have been logged by others.

Similarly, USATF route maps allows you to map your own route, or to search a database of existing running routes. However, USATF has a significantly more advanced query system, compared with MapMyRun, that allows a user to search by running surface, route rating, and other important criteria.

And somewhat less technically useful, but much more aesthetically pleasing is Nike+ data from Manhattan that show runner's favorite routes around Central Park:

Nike+ City Runs from yesyesno on Vimeo.

What mapping tools do you use?

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