Saturday, November 10

Weekly roundup

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday Belated Weekend Potluck! This week's potluck is 36 hours behind schedule and has no theme because I started writing at gate 27 at the San Diego airport waiting for my flight to depart, and am wrapping up at Cool River restaurant in DFW...

Thankfully a handful of kindly bloggers came to the rescue by providing bite-sized blogging morsels for our reading enjoyment.

Bon appetite!

Quitter (almost)

The Angry Jogger talks about how he almost quit running after his first marathon, and what that taught him about the real reason to run. Money quote:
Don’t listen to those f--- who talk about sweating as a virtue or how you must go harder, faster and stronger each time.
They’re as mentally f--- up on their own brain chemistry as Lance Armstrong is on space biscuits.
Go at your own pace. Make running your own activity and above all enjoy yourself.

What Marathon?

Lianne at BigFatMarathon recaps her 26.2 mile run around The Big Apple. Who needs an official marathon when you can run the distance with thousands of your best friends...

One snag? No port-o-lets. Oops.

Money quote:
My only spectator was a slightly confused looking concierge who watched me hobble into the lobby, futtering wildly with my phone and taking my trainers off at the same time. Not the Kodak moment I had dreamt of!

Try a new shoe

Interested in wear-testing Mizuno's new EVO zero-drop show?
See Runblogger's post for wear-testing details.

And just because...

Quote of the week:
"I don't have to do this. I get to do this."
paraphrased from Kristin Armstrong

Happy weekend, friends!

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