Saturday, November 3

What do the Holi festival and a 5k have in common?

Mud runs are soooo 2009.

The hottest trend this year?

Color runs.

Patterned after the Holi Festival, a tradition in India, color runs are both a run and a social event. According to race organizer, Color In Motion:
You just show up wearing white and we do the rest!  As you sprint, jog, waddle, or leisurely stroll along you will be bombarded with bright colors that transform a group of ordinary runners into a moving rainbow.  The color that you will be showered in is completely safe and washes off easily...

So what, exactly, is the color that stains your clothes but is non-toxic?
Fairy dust, pixie powder, rainbow drops, star sprinklings...whatever you want to call it... the color powder is basically a mixture of cornstarch and dye that is 100% safe and biodegradable. You probably don't want to eat it, but it won't hurt you.
Ok. I'm intrigued.

To learn more about these events, I interviewed Hannah Davidson, who works for Color In Motion.
Beth: Color In Motion just launched this year, so this is still a fairly new concept. How many cities now have Color in Motion events?
Hannah: We have 3 open for registration, and a ton more on the books for the coming 12 months.

Beth: How big are Color In Motion races?
Hannah: We expect over 5k people at each event. Dallas, TX is on track to be the biggest event so far.

Beth: How far in advance do you start planning a 5k?
Hannah: Months! It takes forever to get things logistically ready.

Beth: How many staff and how many volunteers do you typically require for a 5k race?
Hannah: Between 100-150

Beth: What is the most difficult part of organizing a race?
Hannah: Finding the perfect charity to help promote! We take giving seriously, and want to be sure that what we do each day helps those deserving.

Beth: What is your favorite part of organizing a race?
Hannah: Seeing people excited and ready for the biggest party of the year!

Beth: What is the strangest complaint (or compliment) you've ever received from a participant? Hannah: The best question has been "Can my dog come? If he is wearing goggles, of course!"

Beth: Is there anything else you'd like readers to know?
Hannah: There are many opportunities for people to participate. We are always looking for volunteers and participants. Check out the Color In Motion website for more information about these options.

Beth: Thanks, Hannah, for sharing your time with us!

Have you done a color run?

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