Wednesday, November 28

Sleep in

One of the things I love (and miss) about San Diego is the daily surf report broadcast on local radio stations. My favorite is the FM 949 "Authentic Surf Report," hosted by a surfer known as "Bird."
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Not being a surfer, I always listened for the "small" surf days. Bad surf reports were my cue to get to the beach before sunset. Ankle-slappers equate to perfect conditions for snorkeling or kayaking - my watersports of choice.

When I was in San Diego for work a couple of weeks ago, I flipped on the radio in my hotel room just in time to hear the day's report.

With a prediction of small, choppy waves, conditions were not looking good for surfers. The announcer's advice:

Sleep in, go to work early, or do something more constructive.

The comment made me smile. I'm not even really sure why...

Maybe it was the acknowledgement that runners and surfers are in the same boat because our passions aren't seen as productive. (Though I beg to differ with that common assessment!)

Maybe it was the feeling of a common bond, since surfers (like runners) will set an early alarm clock and bound out of bed at dawn just to carve out an extra hour of time for their sport.

Either way, the "sleep in" comment made my day.

It's just too bad I couldn't clear my afternoon calendar to go kayaking.

What personal passion keeps you from sleeping in?

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