Thursday, November 29

Thursday thanks - 20 things

I'm a little saddened by the #20things (I don't like) phenomenon trending on Twitter. Why focus on the negative? I greatly prefer the #5things (I find attractive), but why stop at only 5?

In response, here are 20 things I'm thankful for today:
  1. Hot showers
  2. Cool weather (perfect for running!)
  3. Good books (just started Slaughterhouse-Five last night. So tragic, but such brilliant writing!)
  4. My runstreak
  5. Hot coffee with hazelnut milk (not hazelnut creamer, though I wouldn't turn that away either!)
  6. The Daily Show
  7. Day trips to explore new state parks
  8. The pile of beach sand on the floor of my car
  9. "Toes in sand. Nose in book. Life is good"
    Sign seen at a gift shop in St. Augustine
  10. Peanut butter
  11. The end of the semester (which is always bittersweet, but there's such a feeling of success from wrapping up 16 weeks of instruction)
  12. Weeknight dinners with Hubby
  13. The smell of pine trees
  14. 3-mile runs (my favorite distance. period.)
  15. When one of my Examiner articles gets promoted
  16. Pedicures
  17. Being running-injury free
  18. An auto mechanic who will fix anything that goes wrong with my car and return the car to me the same day without charging me a small fortune (seriously it's like I found a previously unknown species of animal)
  19. Great blogs
  20. Comfortable running shorts
  21. Good friends and family

What are you thankful for today?

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