Friday, February 1

5k playlist

And with great fanfare, I present: My playlist for tomorrow's 5k.

Yes I know... I know... I don't usually run with music. But this is a race. This is different.

If I can't hear how hard I'm breathing... I. Run. Faster.

A cheap trick?


But it works.

And while I'm not sure I'm ready to beat my PR this early in the season, I do plan to run 'til I puke tomorrow. If only to see where I am pace-wise...

  • Dog Days are Over - Florence + The Machine
  • Born Too Slow - The Crystal Method
  • Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z
  • Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
  • Gold Guns Girls - Metric
  • Ready to Start - Arcade Fire
  • Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People
  • Busy Child - The Crystal Method
  • Times Like These - Foo Fighters
  • Keep Hope Alive - The Crystal Method

Playlist length: 46 minutes. I hope to only use half of that...

Playlist philosophy: Songs with 160 beats per minute or greater (or songs that make me want to run fast). Allegedly songs in the 170-180 bpm range are ideal for running.

What songs make you want to run fast?

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