Wednesday, February 20

Rants & Raves

(Alt. title: Cover that cough!)
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Last Saturday night, Hubby and I went to see a theater production of Servant of Two Masters. The performance, a 3-hour marathon of slapstick comedy, mistaken identities, and other hijinx, was marred by the person sitting immediately behind me.

This person, we'll call him Patient 0 (like they would in an epidemiology investigation) decided to show up to the theater with a cold. He sniffed and sneezed his way through the first act, and by the finale he was coughing -- mouth uncovered -- over my head.

I was so disgusted that I took my scarf and wrapped it around my face. I'm sure faux pashmina doesn't stop germs, but I was hoping Patient 0 would take the hint.

No such luck.

Next time I'll carry a bottle of disinfectant spray and spray it at him between acts...

(Alt. title: Another one bites the dust!)

At last weekend's Millrose Games, a total of 7 (SEVEN!!!) records fell. Competitor magazine writes:
"In a span of nearly 85 minutes at the Millrose Games on Saturday night at The Armory, a total of seven records were broken in the distance disciplines, making for one of the most memorable renditions of the meet in its 106-year history. Five of seven evening races measuring 600m and up saw either an American, junior, collegiate, or meet record go, causing the capacity crowd to stand on their feet for a majority of the evening session."
Among the record-setters:

That sort of speed is motivation for any runner, no?

... and I've got a couple of other stories rave about this week.

What are you ranting and raving about this week?

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