Wednesday, February 27

Rants & Raves


BP sucks.

This week testimony began in the trial to determine whether BP was somewhat negligent or grossly negligent in the lead-up to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that befouled the Gulf of Mexico and continues to affect the coastline.

There is no question as to whether or not BP is guilty - they already plead guilty to 14 counts of criminal misconduct. The question, now, is what restitution they will be required to pay to the affected communities

Early testimony is uncovering some pretty damning evidence that while BP had a safety plan, they did not actually implement the safety requirements at the Macondo well...

This story hits close to home because these are my beaches we're talking about.
How could anyone do anything to spoil these beaches?

And if you think the oil is gone, you're sadly mistaken. (Though BP's marketing campaign would have you believe otherwise...)

On Sunday, at the end of my 4 mile walk on the beach, I had a souvenir from my trek: a sticky clot of tar lodged itself on my foot. After 20 minutes of scrubbing, I finally removed most of the nasty goo, but no amount of scrubbing erases the disgust I feel about how often this happens.

Every time the surf is up - whether from a storm or just a swell - more tar is washed onto the beach. Clumps of tar, from tiny droplets, to manhole-cover-sized chunks, wash up and litter the shore. Workers pick them up, weaving between beach-goers as they do, but no matter how many workers go out with nets and trash bags, the tar balls keep coming.

Last year my nephew was diving for seashells, and pulled up a fist-sized tar ball. The "put that down, honey, it's toxic" conversation is not one I wanted to have with a 9-year-old. And I'm bloody tired of getting gooey feet...

Yes, folks, this saga is not yet over...


As runners, we've all done our fair share of dodging cars.

Sadly, a few of my friends have not dodged quickly enough and have been struck by reckless drivers (when they shouldn't have to dodge in the first place). Some have walked away with minor scrapes and bruises, some with more serious injuries...

Image source
Given the danger of a person vs. vehicle crash (The vehicle always wins. Always.), wouldn't it be nice if we had a superhero to protect us from reckless or distracted drivers?

In Mexico City, which allegedly has the world's worst record for pedestrian safety (an average of one pedestrian death each day, according to The Atlantic Cities), one man has taken the issue of pedestrian safety into his own (superhero) hands.

Dressed as a luchador (a wrestler in the Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre), Jorge Cáñez and his superhero colleagues...
"get out into the street and physically block cars that are infringing on pedestrian space, paint crosswalks where they are lacking, give speeches about pedestrian rights, and clear sidewalks of obstructions so that people on foot can pass through. The reception, he says, is good -- because he always stays positive."
Bravo Jorge! (...or should I call you Peatónito?)

What are you ranting and raving about this week?

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