Saturday, February 9

A little encouragement from your friendly neighborhood superhero

Just a normal Saturday morning run in Pensacola...

6 miles into my run this morning, I passed a group of superheroes hanging out in a downtown Pensacola parking lot.

Wonder Woman waved to me and said:

"Good for you for getting out and running this morning!"
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No, I'm not on drugs (performance enhancing or otherwise).

No, I wasn't dehydrated and hallucinating.

No this is not a joke.

Superman was walking with Wonder Woman when she gave me a little encouragement for my run. Ask him. I'm sure he'll corroborate my story!

And Spiderman was hanging from the top of a truck in the background. Maybe he heard Wonder Woman cheering me on?

Anyway... my reply to Wonder Woman was: "Thanks! I'm trying to burn off some calories before I start drinking at the parade this afternoon." (complete with drinking-a-beer hand gestures)

She laughed. I waved and ran on. She went back to help out with her Krewe's Mardi Gras float.

On my run I passed no fewer than 8 krewes putting the finishing touches on their parade floats. My run would have been good anyway - 67 degrees. Blue skies. Cool breezes.

But this run improved considerably when I swung through downtown and my trek turned into a traveling dance party, with songs like Scream & Shout and Party Rock Anthem blaring from speakers all along my run route. (Some days I really do love this town...) it's time for a quick shower before I go back to catch beads!

Laisses les bon temps rouler!

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