Saturday, February 2

I have work to do

This is the face of someone who has work to do...
Finish line at the Pensacola Double Bridge Run 5k
If you've been following along, you know I've been training to get faster in the 5k. This morning at the Pensacola Double Bridge Run, I had my first chance to put that training to the test.

Mile 0.0-1.0: 7:48 pace - Perfect!

Mile 2.0-3.1: 7:40 pace with a sprint at the end - Perfect!

It was that middle mile... 1.0-2.0... the mile involved a highway overpass (read: hill) and a bridge over the intracoastal waterway (read: hill). That mile bit me in the arse.

I powered through.

I ran hard enough that I wanted to hurl at the top of the second hill bridge. But I kept it together and gained speed on the downhill.

And yet... it wasn't enough.

Mile 1.0-2.0: 8:40(ish) pace.

My net time: 25:03.

Cue anger, frustration, and renewed dedication to Tuesday track workouts.

I could blame the tiered starts that left 5k runners weaving through 15k walkers. I could blame the fact that I forgot to schedule a massage this week. I could blame the 2 pounds I gained eating king cake last month. I could blame the fact that it's allergy season.

But I won't.

Clearly track work is helping. I was fast enough to take home an age group award.

But that's small comfort when my time isn't where I want it to be. I have a gap to cover in order to PR. Yes, I know I could sign up for a net downhill course, but that defeats the purpose. I want to be faster.

So... back to the track.

I have more (speed)work to do.

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