Monday, February 25

In search of the 5k PR (week 7 training)

The quest for the sub-24 5k continues...

Last week's plan / actual:
  • Monday plan: strength circuit + 4 mile run or 50 min bike + stretching
    Actual: 60 minutes on stationary bike (Grr... PFing foot!) + 2 circuits of the Fitness Blender 100 rep workout (which equates to 50 reps of each exercise) and I stretched.

  • Tuesday: 6 x 800 meter intervals
    Actual: 1 mile warmup + 6 x 640 meters (stupid 1/5th mile track!) at 7:30 pace with 1 lap (320 meter) rest interval... The wheels were falling off by my 5th and 6th intervals (slowed to 7:48 pace. Blergh.) so maybe I'm glad the track is short?

  • Wednesday: yoga
    Actual: 25 minute Yoga For Runners from + 4 mile walk

  • Thursday: 5 mile tempo run + core / I postponed my run to meet up with the Helen Back run group for a nighttime 3-miler through downtown Pensacola. Read: I didn't run 5 miles and I didn't run tempo, but it was good to see my running buddies. Oh... and that nagging crunchy feeling is back with a vengence in my right arch.

  • Friday: rest day
    Actual: REST

  • Saturday: 8 mile run
    Actual: Thunder. Lightning. And foot pain... The last time I felt this pain, I tried to keep going and as a result, I tore my calf muscle. The wheels that fell off during my run on Tuesday stayed off. All weekend... Zero running. Sometimes recovery is more important than mileage.

  • Sunday: anything goes
    Actual: 4 mile walk

This week's plan:
It's time to test my training with another 5k. So this week's plan is to rest - both to get ready for the race and give my aching foot a break.
  • Monday: strength circuit + 60 minute bike ride + stretching
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: yoga
  • Thursday: 3 mile run
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: RACE DAY!!!
  • Sunday: recovery

Are you working today or do you have a long weekend?

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