Friday, February 1

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!

Today's assortment includes 80s music, nude running, writing advice, bad puns, and foam surfing. Bon appetit!

Nu Shooz

While there might not be new life for that old song, there can be new life for your old shoes. Recycling programs, like Nike's Reuse-a-shoe program turn old shoe materials into paving material for playgrounds.
Soles do live on!

No more nudity

A new ban on public nudity takes effect in San Francisco today. (Legal challenges, so far, have failed.)

I suppose the Bernal Heights bikini runner will be ok, but...

What will this do to Bay to Breakers?!

21 bun salute (photo from A Trail Runner)
Nude runners at Bay to Breakers (photo from ZeroDrop)
... moving on.

Stormy Foamy seas

Extreme weather conditions resulted in 9-foot-deep waves of foam along Australia's eastern shore.

Intrepid swimmers turned the tides... into a new sport: foam surfing.
(Apologies for the bad puns. I'm on a roll today...)

Un-blocking writer's block

If you've ever struggled through a case of writer's block, this list of writing prompts might be a useful tool to get un-stuck.

Travel writing fibs

When writing about your travels, it pays to be honest. We'll know if you're lying.

For example, extolling the virtues of London as a burgeoning culinary wonderland is just bald-faced fabrication. Sure. It's better than it was. But if my experience is any indication, there was nowhere to go but up. (Think overcooked-to-oblivion vegetables and boiled everything.)

Don't get me wrong. Some British foods are amazing. The cheeses, for example, are phenomenal. But calling London "Europe's new food capital?" Either the authors need to tone down their praise, or they need to get out more...

Quote of the week:
"Write drunk; edit sober."
Ernest Hemingway (allegedly)
(And one last link... about the power and meaning of simple quote.)

Happy Friday, friends!

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