Tuesday, April 17

2-bit Tuesday

Doubles, pairs, and seconds - today is all about 2s.

Tuesday is usually 2-fer Tuesday around here, with a morning and evening run. Given that this is both recovery week and pre-race week (see double-booking note below), I'm skipping the double run today. However, I'm still doing...

...2 running-related things. This morning I did a shake-out 5 mile run around the neighborhood. Tonight I'm heading to a kickoff meeting for a marathon-training program in which I'll be a pace group leader!

2 races in 6 days - This goes on the list of possibly over-ambitious things I double-booked myself signed up for. Sunday's half marathon was race number one and on Saturday I'll be hitting the trails for race number two. I hope my two little legs don't hate me too much at the end of this... But if I could run every day for a 42-day streak, two races in a week shouldn't be so bad... Right?

2 seconds are all that separated the female winner, Sharon Cherop, from the second place finisher, Jemima Sumgong at yesterday's Boston Marathon. (I cannot imagine how hard those two ladies battled it out for that close finish!)

Speaking of Boston and seconds... Yesterday's marathon win was the 2nd slowest on record since 1985.

What are your two cents?

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