Friday, April 20

Friday potluck

Welcome, friends, to another Friday potluck.

On forward progress:
Yesterday I was out for a run: a cruise-y, life is good, my-legs-feel-fast kind of run.
Up ahead I saw a lady doing the tired-runner shuffle. She was (how do I say this to illustrate the scene without seeming critical?) quite heavy-set - not just a few pounds overweight, but clearly struggling on the edges of obesity. She was flying the flag of a new runner: brand-shining-new running clothes and shoes. Hers was not a face I've seen on the roads before (and this is a small town with an even smaller cast of regular runners.)*

I watched her forward progress, and it made my heart happy.
Her run that day, I am sure, was harder than mine.
But she was out there.
Putting effort into getting into shape, into taking control of her health and fitness.
One step at a time.

THAT is inspiring.

And it reminded me of this:

Which also reminded me that I absolutely LOATHE this meme:

Am I the only person in the world who finds this offensive, rather than funny?

Ok... ok...
It's Friday, time to stop being serious.

Have you seen texts from a dog?
If not, go. Now.

Productivity be damned!

Happy Friday, people!

PS - Tomorrow is the beginning of National Park Week. Entry is free to all national parks all week long!

*PPS - Afternoon edits made for clarification based on the very thoughtful comments provided by T, below.

Who (or what) inspired you this week?


  1. Love to hear/see unhealthy people making healthy choices.

    All the spectators at Boston inspired me this week, actually. They were amazing and I don't think any of us could have made it through the day without them!

  2. I've seen that meme. Ugh. How gross. And how gross that so many people think it's oh-so-hilarious.

    Re: the heavy-set woman: I think the easiest way to say it without sounding critical is just to say it. The stigma comes in when people think there is, or should be, or could be a stigma involved. I read a few fat acceptance blogs on occasion (I'm considered overweight depending on what day of the month it is/how much ice cream I ate that week/which letsrun poster is attacking me), and the thing is that most fat people know they're fat. That's not offensive unless you think it is.

    That said, what was important to your anecdote was her perceived effort, not her weight. The year I finished the Chicago Marathon without training in 6.5 hours (WILL. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN), there were more thin people than overweight people at the finish with me. Maybe she was tired because she didn't get enough sleep last night. Maybe she was on mile 18 of a 20 mile run. Maybe she just has poor running form and always looks kind of hunched. I'm overly sensitive to anything that perpetuates the "exercise is harder if you're heavier" idea. It doesn't have to be! It can be fun for anyone!

    I hope this doesn't come off as chastising - that's NOT how I mean it!

    1. Oh T - Excellent points all around!
      I have no delusions about thin people being fast or heavy-set people being slow. I don't "look like a runner" myself.

      My perception of the lady's effort was based on a variety of factors that included (but was by no means limited to) her build. She was wearing brand-shining-new sneakers and running clothes (often the sign of a new runner). She had an exhausted-but-determined gait. And she wasn't carrying water (sign of exhaustion from a long run). She's also not a face I've seen before on the run (and this is a small town with a fairly small cast of regular runners).

      And you're right - I know plenty of slim people who couldn't run a quarter mile if you paid them. ;)

      So - I should have been more clear that it was a combination of factors that led to my "new runner - good for you" perception.

      Either way - good for ANY runner who gets out there and gets moving!

      And thank you for the thoughtful comment!

  3. lol I love the dog texts :) and I too find that photo offensive. Poor girl

  4. This is great- I love the dog texts, and what a great motivational story! Hope she becomes a new familiar face. :)

    I hate that meme, too- it's *so* cruel. We can't all look like models.

    Happy Friday!


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