Sunday, April 8

Weekend wrap-up

It's taper weekend. Hubby and I ran a beautiful and sunny 7 miles this morning. I felt fantastic at the end of the run - like I could have easily kept going for another hour. If I'm not ready for next weekend's half marathon now, I never will be.

So, with a short run on the schedule, what did I do with my extra time today?

Well... since you asked...

I worked on updating my course content for the final weeks of the semester. Today's upbeat topic: sexuality and cultural influences on transmission rates for STDs. (April is STD awareness month!)

Previewing documentaries on the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is decidedly not the most pleasant way to spend a Sunday. In fact, it's a total downer.

So I also...

Started work on an article about a local chapter of Girls on the Run for (That non-profit's work is a much happier story, but more on that later this week...)

Baked multi-grain pumpkin pecan muffins (recipe here).
Multi-grain pumpkin pecan muffins
I firmly believe in being realistic about the problems in the world, but dwelling on those problems won't solve them. So I put my energy into being a good teacher (including teaching the not-good-news topics). And then I bake/run/read/garden/write-about-other-stuff when the serious topics threaten to get overwhelming.

How do you balance bad news or unpleasant tasks?
What exciting adventures (or lazy days) did you have this weekend?

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  1. I firmly believe you absolutely have to balance out the negative news with positives- otherwise no one would have the energy to *do* anything. :) Love the "Girls on the Run" program- impressive! (and that muffin looks delicious!!!)


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