Friday, April 27

Friday potluck

Welcome, friends, to another Friday potluck.

Every day is a holiday!
Today is National Tell a Story Day.

So, there once was a man from Nantucket...
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Ahem. Moving on...

Today in dumb people tricks:
An elite triathlete might spend several months' rent on a bike. If you're going to ride hundreds of miles each week, carbon fiber and aerodynamic details might be worth the investment.

But style is priceless, no?

Guess how much this bike costs.
(C'mon, just guess. I'll give you a hint: It's Chanel...)
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(I'll post the price in the comments section once people have had some time to submit their guesstimates.)

Far be it from me to begrudge anyone who wants to get fit! But I strongly suspect that many people who buy that Chanel bike will never actually ride it. After all, with a stratospheric price tag, it becomes a status symbol, not fitness equipment, right?

In the "more reasons to love running" category:
Research at the University of Illinois shows that exercise, running in particular, can make you smarter. (At least there's evidence that running makes mice smarter.)

Other research at the Neurocognitive Kinesiology Laboratory (also Univ. of Illinois) documents a wide variety of cognitive benefits from aerobic exercise, including improved street-crossing skills. Their most recent research shows that aeorbically fit children are better at navigating street crossings - not just "outrunning" oncoming cars, but actually better judging safe crossings - than their less-fit peers.

Deep thoughts (aka quote of the week):
"Why aren't you signed up for the 401K?
I'd never be able to run that far."
Scott Adams, Dilbert (4/2/01)
Happy Friday, people!

What's your guess on the bike price tag?
What's the most expensive piece of fitness equipment you've ever purchased?


  1. The price of bikes is so insane that the price of that bike will not shock me. However, knowing someone who works for the company, I have to call you out on misspelling "Chanel." Love the Dilbert quote. Cheers!

  2. A Chanel bike? Really? I'm sadly sure there is a market for it. And I'm guessing $5,000.

    And yes, a bike would be my most expensive piece of equipment to date. I've had four all together, and three of them I still have and ride.

  3. I'm going with $20,000.

    My most expensive piece of fitness equipment is my treadmill. It was in the $800 range.

  4. We have a winner! The bike's list price...
    (Resale prices have been as high as $28,000 according to source:

    My most expensive single item right now (at least ounce for ounce): prescription sunglasses. Those babies cost me $350 and I don't leave home without 'em!

    I did once have a fairly expensive bike, but I stopped road riding a couple of years ago, so I sold the bike when I moved.


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