Friday, April 6

Friday potluck

Last week I introduced a new series: Friday potluck wherein I bring together all the delicious, random tidbits that somehow did not make it into a blog post during the week...

On April 1, New York Times published an homage to masters runners and the health benefits of endurance exercise. It was no April Fools' joke. If you're not already 40+, you will be sooner or later. I recommend bookmarking the article for inspiration.

This week was chockablock with holidays:

I discovered that anyone reading on their Kindle Fire will not see any Google AdSense ads. I'm conflicted about this. Yes, folks is affiliated with both companies, yet one blocks the other's content... Seems a bit like censorship, to me. I choose which content to display in my sidebar. I am not pleased that Amazon overrides my layout and thereby decreases my revenue potential.

In answer to that age-old question...
Source: via Nikki on Pinterest

And please don't feed the animals...
Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Happy Friday, people!

What is the funniest/weirdest/most wonderful thing you saw this week?

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