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Places to run - Texas

Welcome to the Lone Star State!
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Yes, folks - everything is bigger in Texas.
Cattle drive at the Fort Worth Stockyards.
In fact, I considered splitting the state into two different posts for the running travel guide series, but decided that wouldn't be very Texas-like. So I here's a lengthy lowdown (sorted by region) on where to run in the great state of Texas.

North Texas
Sculpture in the Fort Worth Cultural District.

West Texas
  • El Paso: Run El Paso describes itself as "a loose, friendly organization of people from the border area who share a common love of running. [They] have training runs every day of the week, occasionally sponsor races and support each other in our long-distance running goals. Runners range in ability and age, from beginners to regional stars, from children running their first 5K to experienced veterans who've logged more than 100 marathons."
Central Texas / Hill Country
  • San Antonio: While the Riverwalk is pretty, it is difficult to run (crowded! tourists!) at any time except the very early morning. And while you should certainly remember the Alamo on your trip, the cobbled sidewalks are rough on a runner's ankles. Thankfully the San Antonio Road Runners have compiled a long list of running routes ranging from 3 to 20 miles.
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  • Austin: If you're going to run in Austin, read the list of "best streets to run in Austin" from  5ksandCabernets. Then check in with the Austin Runners Club for up-to-date information about routes, races, and group runs.
Gulf Coast

Other Texas Running Resources:

Are you involved in a Texas running group, or do you have a favorite running route that is not listed here? Send me the info and I'll add it to the list.

For more reviews of running routes and other travel information, see Places I've Run.


  1. No better way to see a place than on a run. I am dying to get to Austin one of these days..I hear so much good stuff about it!

  2. I've only run in Amarillo...and there's nothing to see there! Add that to your list and then skip it!


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