Sunday, April 22

A little R & R

The final results are posted for the trail 10k.
  • My finish time: 1:00:10
  • 6th female (out of 32) and 11th overall (out of 60)
  • 2nd in women 30-39
There was some mention of "award winners" on the event website. My name shows up on that list, but Hubby and I left before the awards ceremony started, and my inquiry to the race organizer hasn't been answered yet.

Either way, after 2 races in 6 days, I'm taking a much-needed rest day.

My definition of rest looks like this:
North Bay trail at the Naval Live Oaks Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore
The weather today is truly gorgeous - one of those rare, perfect days in northwest Florida. It also happens to be National Park Week (read: free entry to all national parks until April 29). Plus, I'm still on a trail high from yesterday's race. So Hubby and I took a mid-morning hike through part of the Naval Live Oaks area at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Our hike was leisurely and relaxing. Call that "active rest" if you must, but I couldn't let a perfect day go to waste by staying indoors. (There's plenty of time to be indoors Monday through Friday. Call that "work" if you must.)

My definition of rest also looks like this:
French wine selection at a local wine shop.
Once upon a time, I was a bit of an oenophile.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I still love wine.
I've just gotten out of the habit of going to tastings and frequenting wine bars.

After our leisurely hike, and a leisurely lunch, I took off to a wine store and spent an hour browsing the shelves for bottles I haven't tried before. The clerk poured me a taste of a tempranillo that he "just happened to have open."

Marketing works.
The wine was delicious.
Two bottles came home with me.
One might not last the night.

That's my idea of a restful day.

What's your perfect rest day?


  1. Nice job on your race. You def deserve a rest day for sure. I love the spot you chose. Looks so incredibly inviting and I hope you enjoyed the wine!

  2. Awesome job on your race! And that is my idea of a rest day too! Looks Perfect!!!

  3. That sounds like a pretty awesome day- great stuff! and CONGRATULATIONS on your race results! Good stuff! :)

  4. Awesome job on your race, that's fantastic! That day sounds just about perfect to me.


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