Saturday, April 7

Beautiful day for a run

Editorial note: I wrote this last summer, but somehow never got around to posting it... 

Today I made the mistake of checking the weather before heading out the door. Bleck. 83 degrees already (6:45am)? The news was almost enough to make me want to park myself on the stationary bike for an hour and skip the run entirely.

I convinced myself not to think about it, and went through the motions...
Coffee: check.
Shorts: check.
Sports bra: check.
Toe socks: check.
Hair: ponytailed.
Shoes: laced.
Gum: chewed.

With nothing left to keep me indoors, I sighed, grabbed my keys, and went out the front door.

If I don't think about it, it won't be so bad...

Miracle of miracles, 10 minutes later I heard a distant rumble of thunder...

Could it be??? A cloud bank was moving my way!

Perhaps a smarter runner would have turn around and run back to the safety of the great indoors. But the clouds were still far enough away that I decided to take my chances. (Plus there is a lovely little cafe at the halfway point of my run, and having a downpour as an excuse to stop for a coffee and multigrain muffin wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.)

Clouds obscured the sun, and the heat index dropped considerably. A gorgeous breeze kicked in.

2 miles into the run I passed a woman who was walking through a church parking lot. She was dressed in crisp bermuda shorts and a polo shirt. We exchanged the expected "good morning" greetings, and then she waved her hand in the air to indicate the breeze and clouds, and said:
"Beautiful day for a run, isn't it?"
...spoken like someone who was, or is, a runner.

Yep. It most certainly was a beautiful day for a run.

Pensacola Beach at sunset - on another beautiful day for a run...

What beautiful day have you had recently?

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  1. that is lovely- I especially liked the possibility of "having to" stop for coffee and a muffin! :)


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