Thursday, April 26

Thursday thanks

Here are just a few of the things I'm thankful for this week:

Good food and wine: Last night Hubby and I had homemade butternut squash soup (patterned after this recipe) and I opened a delicious new bottle of Washington state merlot. (Thanks also to the movie Sideways for making merlot "uncool" and therefore less expensive.)

Long, early morning walks on the beach (before work):

Winning $10 in a trail 10k.
(This is probably not enough for me to give up my day job. Is it?)

Wrapping up my last classes of the semester.
I must admit that the last week of classes is bittersweet. I get a great sense of accomplishment from knowing that my students have had a successful semester, but I also know that I won't see most of them again. I suppose that's one of the benefits and burdens of teaching: If you have a difficult class, it only lasts 16 weeks; if you have a wonderful class, it only lasts 16 weeks... Still, I wouldn't trade teaching for anything else.

What are YOU thankful for this week?


  1. Thankful for being able to run. Thankful for having a Physical Therapist who takes my input. Oh, and I'll join you in being thankful for wine...that's kind of a constant! :)

  2. I love teaching too! Can't believe this is the last week! Which means I'm thankful for the extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning!

  3. I'm thankful for new opportunities!

  4. I love our red table blends! Which Merlot did you have?
    This week, thankful for my 20-yr old bike that still rides like new.

    1. Chateau St. Michelle Canoe Ridge 2009... (Their vineyard is one of my all-time favorites.) :)


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