Monday, December 12

Bikini jogger

It might be cold outside, but one San Francisco runner isn't letting that stop her from working on her tan during daily runs! Back in November, a Bernal Heights blogger posted photos of her neighborhood "bikini jogger" (her words, not mine) and wondered why anyone would run in such minimal clothing.

A few days later, Bernal blogger noticed a man running in a speedo in the same neighborhood.

My guess: These runners either misheard that bareFOOT running is the new, hip, hardcore thing to do. OR they want to avoid the dreaded runner's tan!
And, as it turns out, my guess was correct. According to a "micro-interview" with the Bernal Heights bloger, bikini jogger wants to avoid tan lines.

I can sort of understand bikini runner's motivation. But, I have to admit, running nearly-naked in San Francisco's cold weather is... Brave? Crazy?

And what about bouncing???
My girls would not be happy after even a mile of running without... ahem... support.

I should also note that the while speedo-runner wears running shoes, bikini-runner runs in flip flops. I guess that's one way to make sure you don't heel-strike?

What's your take on these tan-seeking runners? Brave, crazy, or just unique?


  1. WHAT??? That is so avoid tan lines? Good for them for being confident to run in a bikini, but they should be confident enough to show of some hard earned running tan lines too!

  2. I'm going to lean more towards insane. Tan lines? Really? Would they have normally run half naked during warmer temps?

  3. ummmmm - i say definitely crazy. And yeah, it's DECEMBER - what do they wear when it's actually hot out?

  4. I'm going with crazy. I think the best, and smartest, way for them to avoid tan lines would be SUNBLOCK! She's just opening herself up to even more skin cancer, crazy crazy crazy!

  5. That is completely insane. I'd think it would be very uncomfortable, for a start... Ugh.

  6. Ha! That's pretty funny...that would be so uncomfortable up top!

  7. Honestly... I have to wonder if "tan lines" excuse is just a cover story for some much more elaborate plot to land a spot on a reality TV show.

    If you're that worried about tan lines, the local department store carries at least three dozen sunless tanning gels and sprays that would eliminate the problem without the need to flash the neighborhood. ;)


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