Sunday, November 20

Decisions. Decisions.

I bounced back from the half marathon in less than 5 days.
Clearly my return to longer distances (after a 2 year leave of absence) didn't kill me.

So now I'm thinking...
Marathon(s) in 2012!
I know I made that potentially plural.

Maybe I've lost my mind?
I've definitely got marathons on the brain right now.

But here's the dilemma -- the Gulf Coast isn't exactly known for distance-running events, so any marathon will require travel, and my spring 2012 schedule is a MESS. I'm teaching a Monday morning class (read: this makes Sunday marathon travel difficult, to say the least), I have already signed up for one half marathon, and I have two other pre-planned trips (in addition to the half). There's also a professional conference I should attend in May... but at this point, that's completely negotiable.

What's a girl to do?

Should I...
A - Quit my teaching job and pursue my dreams of becoming the next Kara Goucher? (Please stop laughing if you have seen my race PRs...It's not nice to laugh at people's dreams!)
B - Buy a personal jet so I can get to races whenever and wherever I want? (I never realized what a difference living in a big city makes when it comes to travel schedules! The last scheduled flight to leave Pensacola on any given day is at 6pm -- like the pilots around here go to sleep at sunset? Get with the program, people! Planes can fly at night, too!)
C - Call in *cough cough* sick to make my travel plans work? (Doh! If I'm going to go with option C, I maybe shouldn't have blogged about it first...)
D - ________ (The write-in answer. What brilliant solution am I missing?)

What would you do?


  1. Try to find one that's run on a Saturday?

  2. Another thought - where is this conference in May? Any way you could tag on a marathon at the end?

  3. You know there's always a marathon to consider in the fall...Chicago. :)

  4. Definitely option A....I'm not one to squash your dreams!

    Here's a list of Saturday marathons for 2011 - I couldn't find on for 2012, but if you look at the ones you're interested in you can see when they are for next year.

  5. Caitlyn - sheer brilliance! (I had never even heard of a Saturday marathon until Savannah this year...)

    Kathy - Thank you!!! I am looking through the list right now!

    Kristy - It's definitely on my bucket list! And you know who I'll be turning to for a pre-race dinner... ;)

  6. A Saturday race! Although all your options sound perfectly reasonable to me. ; )


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