Tuesday, November 15


I'm still hobbling around the house like an 80-year-old with bunions (or a 30-something runner with some angry blisters!), but every achy step reminds me that I ran hard on Sunday.

I've been recovering with walking, yoga, and lots and lots of sleep, so I don't have much exciting news to share. But I do want to send a blog THANK YOU to Kristin at Everyday is Run Day for this little gem:
This is my new desktop wallpaper.
Don't get me wrong: I'm not giving up track workouts.
In fact, after my race on Sunday I am more determined than ever to be faster on my next 13.1.
But I knew Sunday wasn't going to be a PR.
And it was totally bumming me out (I put a happy face on. After all, fake it 'til you make it, right? But I was not a happy camper last week...)
This simple little slogan gave me the inspiration to put my all into the race.
And I'm really glad I did.

... now off to plan the next one!

Do you have a slogan/mantra/poster that inspires you?

Picture courtesy of S. King


  1. Try some epsom salts on those feet!! They make my feet feel soooo much less like swollen, blister covered death sticks and more like feet :) Also stealing the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Beth! I'm glad it motivated you to the finish last weekend!

  3. That's awesome inspiration, must remember that. :) And every experience adds to the next, right? Hope the feet feel better fast :)


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