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Empire state of mind -- NYC Marathon stats

In my other life, I am a big, fat STATS GEEK. So, honor of the ING New York City Marathon, here are some eye-opening stats about the race (and some Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, just because):

Who's running:
Today the race is more than 350 times larger than it was the first year. In 1970, according to the organizers of the marathon, "127 runners paid the $1 entry fee to NYRR to participate in a 26.2-mile race... Fifty-five runners crossed the finish line." On Sunday officials expect 45,000 runners to toe the starting line. To put that in perspective, there will be one NYC Marathon runner for every resident of Olympia, WA (or Harrisburg, PA - for those in the eastern time zone).
Of those 45,000 runners:
  • 62% men / 38% women (similar to nationwide stats which showed a 59/41 split for male/female marathon finishers in 2010)
  • One third are between the ages of 40 and 49.
  • The oldest male entrant is 87. The oldest female is 84.
Who's making it happen:
  • More than 150 New York Road Runners staff work year-round on the marathon.
  • There are more than 8,000 volunteers for the event.
  • The week before the race, 100 people worked to clean up the post-snowstorm debris in Central Park that was blocking the race course.
Hydration and fuel:
According to Wolfram|Alpha "to help energize and hydrate the runners before the race begins" organizers will provide runners with:
  • 42,000 Power Bars
  • 90,000 bottles of water
  • 45,000 cups of coffee
On the course, there will be:
  • 62,370 gallons of water
  • 32,040 gallons of Gatorade
And with all that hydration (plus race-day nerves), expect long bathroom lines:
On Sunday, more than 1,600 portable toilets will be available for the runners. That works out to about one port-o-potty for every 28 runners, but you know the lines will be longer than that!

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