Friday, November 4

Rest day

Normally Friday is speedwork day.

But, despite sports massage, stretching, and icing, my hip still doesn't feel 100 percent better. And the half marathon is only 9 days away.

While I'd normally only take it easy for a week before a half marathon, I've decided to extend my pre-race taper and start scaling back now: No more track workouts. No double-digit runs this weekend.

After all, one more speed session won't make or break my race.
But aggravating that hip could ruin it entirely.

So, I took a page from Peanut's book and decided to sleep in.
It felt GREAT!
Now, I just need to figure out what to do with all this extra energy...

How long do you taper before your races?


  1. Good for you listening to your body and giving it a break! I know that is often easier said than done!

    Good luck at the half!


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