Monday, November 7

Extra time

I have all the time in the world!
This weekend I slept an extra hour thanks to the ol' turn-the-clocks-back trick. I saved another hour thanks to a super-short Sunday run (pre-race taper), and I gave my students a quiz last week, rather than a paper, so my grading took much less time than usual.

I should be thrilled with all this extra time, right?
Oddly, I woke up feeling blue and bored.
(Maybe I've got taper brain? Is that even possible for a half marathon? I've never noticed it before...)
My recalcitrant hip is still not on board with the idea of running a half marathon next weekend, so I'm sure that has an influence on my state of mind...
But, as much as I wanted to, I wouldn't let myself sit and sulk.
I grabbed my To Do list and started checking items off.
  • Vacuum house: check
  • Nail loose boards on fence: check
  • Pull old tomato plants out of garden: check
  • Rake leaves out of driveway: check
  • Grade papers: check
  • Update blog format: check

I didn't feel any better by dinnertime, but I did complete several tasks I've been neglecting for weeks. And this morning... seeing the yard in better shape, the house clean, and a stack of quizzes graded... I think I'm starting to feel better.

I also spent some time researching January half marathons. I will do my best on Sunday, but I can stop being anxious about my hip if I know I have another chance to "prove myself" in a couple of months.

And now... I'm also going to take myself for a walk on the beach. After all, it's 7am and the sun is shining! I have three hours before I need to be at work!

What did you do with your extra hour this weekend?
What do you think of the new blog format?
Any suggestions for further changes?

Photos courtesy of healingdream / and someecards


  1. I love the new format- fab photos at the top! Great stuff. Also- that extra hour's sleep is my favorite thing about daylight saving. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy it this year- we flew to Boston the weekend clocks went back in Ireland, and flew back the weekend clocks went back in the States - but I plan on making up for that next year... :-D

  2. Love the format too! Updating my blog is on my long too do list...maybe during maternity leave :)

    I did enjoy my extra hour of sleep. I went to bed at 9pm last night instead of 10. I woke up this morning feeling great!!!

  3. I like the new photos. It's just been a "blah" time lately. I'm blaming the changing season but not sure if you have that where you are.

    You got a lot done, that's something to feel good about, no?

  4. love the new blog look! Good job!

    I enjoyed the extra hour - but no sleepin in for me...kiddos just don't seem to "get" day light savings time!

    Hope your hip feels better soon!

  5. Thanks, ladies! Yes - I did get quite a bit accomplished... and I do feel much better today! (I wonder if the shorter days have something to do with it? It's not cold here -- low of 45 at night -- but the days are definitely getting SHORT!)

  6. I got in an extra hour of shopping on Sunday! It was much needed ;)


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