Thursday, November 10

Thursday thanks

Every once in awhile, I re-read Kristen Armstrong's article "Feeling Lucky" from Runner's World (May 2010).

An extended quote from her article fills the top spot on my Quotes (on the run) page. Here's a brief version:
"Instead of thinking or saying, I have to finish this project or I have to pick up my kids, I stopped myself and tweaked my language: I get to work on this... I get to do speedwork... I get to go on a long run... "
I return to this article when I need to see the silver linings in the clouds.
This week, I needed a fresh perspective several times. Here are some examples:

I complained stridently about the administrative annoyances at my teaching gig. (After all, colleges are bastions of frustrating bureaucracy.)
But then I remembered: I have a job at a time when so many people do not...

I whined about my aching hip. (This injury has threatened to take me to a very black place... there's something about not being able to run that just eats at a runner...)
But then I reminded myself: I am still able-bodied and healthy, I just need some rest.

Peanut looking as tired as I felt this morning!
I got frustrated with my cat because the full moon fools her into thinking 2am is "dawn." She wants to wake Hubby and I up to play! This is night 3 of interrupted sleep... Grumble. YAWN
But then I realized: Peanut is just trying to be affectionate. (But don't think for a second that I'm going to feel bad when I wake her up from her mid-day nap! Payback, kitty! Payback!)

These reminders aren't intended to make people complacent. Some problems really are worth getting mad about. Some problems really do need fixing. But some just aren't worth the energy, and some really aren't "problems" at all. Sometimes it's just better to look for those silver linings.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. yes, replacing "I have to" with "I get to" can make a world of difference in your outlook! Sure some things are more serious, but when I catch myself saying "I have to" to the day-to-day stuff I often make a conscious effort to seek out the silver lining and it definitely helps!

  2. I so remember that column and glad you brought it up as a reminder. I am thankful, very, very thankful, to be at the end of an injury. I get to run again!

  3. I'm a firm believer in looking for those silver linings- love this attitude. Great stuff!! :)


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