Thursday, November 3

Thursday thanks

I am a confirmed massage addict.
So this week I am thankful for a fantastic sports massage.

A couple of weeks ago my long run was sidelined by nagging hip pain. I rested. I foam-rolled. I stretched. I iced. But still, those treatments only dulled the ache, they didn't eliminate it.

I've got a half marathon coming up, so it was time to call in reinforcements. I booked a sports massage.

And after 50 minutes of prodding and stretching, my hip feels nearly normal.

I'll admit, I winced at least once during the hour session. Sports massage is not usually gentle and relaxing. (If you're looking for a gentle, relaxing, stress-relieving massage, find a Swedish massage therapist.) Sports massage is intended to stretch tight spots, improve circulation, and break up scar tissue. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but ohh... my legs feel so much better afterward!

Thank you massage gods!

Have you ever had a massage?
If so, do you get massages regularly?

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  1. I LOVE a good sports massage! I wish I could get them more often, but I at least try to do them 3-4 times a year while training. And yes, though it can be uncomfortable (painful!) during, it feels wonderful afterwards!

  2. This is something I am trying to do regularly since I have been training for so long. I went after my marathon on Sunday for a recovery type massage. I'm also going a week prior to my 50K for more of a sports massage. It will be interesting to feel the differences between the two types of services!

  3. Love a great sports massage. I can say with certainty that they have kept me from injury numerous times! Well worth it.

  4. I get a massage twice a month (and have one today, can't wait!). None of that Swedish stuff for me, make it hurt!

  5. I just looked into sports massage today since I too have this nagging hip/knee pain. I think you guys have convinced me. For the first one whaddya think: 35 or 60 minutes?

  6. Hey Jenn! Welcome to the club. :)
    I go for an hour once a month now, but my first massage (years ago) was 30 min. 1/2 an hour is a good way to test out a therapist. Over the years I learned that there are certain techniques that "work" for me, and not every massage therapist uses the same techniques.

    Also, ask other runners for recommendations! That's how I found the people I've liked.

    If you decide on 30 minutes, the therapist will focus on one area (for example: legs or neck/back) rather than doing a full-body massage. Nothing wrong with that -- just something to consider.

    Hope you enjoy!


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