Monday, November 28

New shoes and shopping weirdness

Modeling my new Nikes
Today is a good news / bad news day in the retail world.

Good news: My new shoes arrived in the mail today!

(There were two pairs of Black Friday deals I just couldn't resist... because I buy new running shoes every 3-5 months anyway, and unlike industrial-sized jars of mayonaise from Costco, shoes don't go rancid if you buy in bulk.)

The first box I opened was the Nike Air Pegasus+ 28s.

These Nikes might win the award for the most horribly ugly running shoes I've ever worn. (Sorry, Nike. But seriously -- what were you thinking? These shoes look like something Punky Brewster would have worn...)

But, as I've said before, running is a race, not a fashion show.

I took my new Nikes out for a test run at lunch. The shoes felt good, but I'm going to hold off on a "review." 1.5 miles isn't quite far enough to get a good feel for the shoes, plus the weather was crisp and dry today (unlike yesterday) -- so any run would have felt good. I don't want to rave about the fit until I've got some miles on these shoes. But my initial reaction is that they give my toes plenty of room, and nothing felt "off," so I suspect these shoes and I will get along just fine.

Bad news: A funny thing happened at the market today...

This morning, before work, I went to the grocery store to replenish the household stock of non-Thanksgiving fruits and vegetables. I purchased a cart-load of fresh veggies. (For some reason, the Monday after Thanksgiving makes me drool over salad greens. Maybe the chunk of pumpkin cheesecake I had for "dinner" last night has something to do with that, but I digress...)

My produce bonanza included some of my favorites: beets, asparagus, bananas, endive, and an English cucumber (among other things).

At checkout, the clerk picked up my cucumber to scan it, and said:
"Wow. Why do you buy this? These things are expensive!"
(Maybe we have found the real reason I don't like shopping around the holidays...)
I was too dumbfounded to even reply.
(Though, trust me, I've thought of plenty of zingers since then!)

What is the proper etiquette for dealing with an uppity cashier?
Why is it that I think of the best comebacks only after it's way too late to use them?


  1. Maybe I have bad taste but I don't think those shoes are so ugly!

  2. Ok... maybe I'm being too hard on 'em. They're not ugly.

    I think I'm just freaked out by the deep pink tongue, interior, and laces. It looks like I'm putting my foot in a mouth!

  3. You should have said, "I'm the 1%, I can afford it!" :-)

  4. @Peter - I'll just have that monogrammed in gold on a t-shirt so I never have to speak to the grocery clerk about my cucumbers again!

    but seriously... weird, no? if I bought a $4 bag of potato chips she wouldn't have said a word... but spend $2 on a giant cucumber (same serving size, and more nutritional value) and i get the stink eye!

  5. That cracks me up, what the heck, why would you say that! English cucumbers are my favorite (I had half on my salad tonight). I would probably have laughed and said I buy them because they are cheaper than the triple bypass I'd need someday if I ate the cheaper chips and crap food!

  6. LOL. I usually get "what is this?" with our fruits and produce, followed by a weird look. And shoes Punky would have worn! LOL! Love it. You've been inspiring me to run again lately...up to 8 miles now (never done that before in my life!). Now I need find some good shoes. Any recommendations?


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