Tuesday, February 28

Gloomy day?

I started to write a "gloomy day" post about how my sunglasses haven't come out of their case in almost two weeks. (It's amazing how much of a difference sunlight makes in my energy level. I should never try to live in Alaska in December...)
Yellowstone Lake on a cloudy morning (2010).
And it's mid-semester. The 12-hour teaching days are finally taking their toll...

Plus it's taper-week, which usually makes me a little crazy anyway...

How Peanut gets to spend the day. / How I want to spend the day!
But I figured that was all just going to sound whiny.
Because it IS whiny.
"Wah! I'm tired!"
So I poured a second cup of coffee and started re-writing:

  • Cloudy days mean cooler weather for running.
  • 12-hour days mean I have a job (two, actually - and most days I enjoy both of them).
  • Taper week means my body gets to rebuild for the race. I should embrace this, instead of being bummed that I miss a 2-fer Tuesday. At this point, no additional training will make my 13.1 any better, but I sure as hell can screw it up royally if I try to run like it's not a race week.

So I'm going out for a walk.
Maybe some sunlight is filtering through the fog...

How do you deal with low energy days?


  1. Awesome change in perspective...sometimes you just need that little boost to change your mood around. :)

  2. Fantastic perspective change- great stuff! I have to say we were just discussing this morning how much more sunlight we get in Boston (and what a difference it makes to our attitudes!) compared to the constant grey in Dublin. It's funny how much the little things matter.

    I love your cat, btw. Great photo! :)

  3. I take a Vitamin D supplement. Ohio can be gloomy for excessive stretches, although right now is not one of those. It's actually sunny. Enjoy the taper. Rest up for race day. Cheers!

  4. Classic reframing at it's best - that's a great trick! We went on a long spell with no sun either. It broke out for a couple of days and now it looks like it's going to storm.

  5. @Viper - Brilliant idea on the Vitamin D. I took one with lunch.

  6. I find taking rest days hard, which guess is like the same thhing. I do things like cook,a nd also reading about running and blog reading.


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