Thursday, July 14

The things in my suitcase

I should be am packing for (yet another) flight across the country. Duty calls, and I'm off to San Diego for two and a half days. While this is a work trip, the contents of my suitcase speak volumes about what I'll be doing in the few spare moments I'll have.

Here's a peek into (most of) my suitcase for this trip:
  • one grey wool gabardine suit and matching top
  • one pair of matching dress shoes
  • toothbrush and paste
  • two pairs of running shorts
  • two sports bras and two sleeveless tanks
  • four pairs of injinji toesocks (because I might wear a sports bra twice if it's not too hot outside, but I will never re-wear a pair of socks without proper laundering)
  • Mizuno, Wave Riders, size 8.5
  • shampoo, conditioner, and comb (gotta' shower after a good run)
  • one dress (that can be worn anywhere, and never has a wrinkle)
  • flip flops, to wear after soaking my feet in the hotel pool after a run
Look out San Diego, here I run! Photo courtesy of: University of Washington Libraries

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  1. Love that your priority is running while on the trip, haha! I'm with you--I'll re-wear almost anything if I have to, but never socks!


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