Sunday, February 26

3 x running fun

Run x 1
This morning I woke up craving a run.
Yes, it's taper weekend, and yes I had a hares and hounds run in the afternoon. But my body is used to waking up on Sunday and heading out the door. So who am I to say no? I laced up and hit the roads for four miles. Then breakfast + coffee + grading papers. (Sitting still to grade papers is much easier when I can call it "post-run rest.")

Run x 2
I swore I'd take it easy on the hares and hounds run. (Famous last words.)
I even had a beer before the run because I wasn't going to "really" run, right?
(Plus, someone replaced the usual Coors Light and Milwaukee's Best - totally skip-able - with Yuengling and Sam Adams. How could I not have one?)
An older run + beer photo, but you get the idea...
But there's something about the chase that I can't resist...
I held back for the first half but took off after the lead pack for the second half of the run. I might regret this next weekend. After all, I am supposed to be resting up for NOLA. But it was fun. And isn't that really why I run?

Run x 3
No, I haven't lost my mind. 2 runs in 24 hours is still my personal record. But I did come home to watch the USATF Indoor World Championships. A couple of thoughts...

Bernard Legat's legs move so fast that you almost can't see his feet moving. He's like the hummingbird of human runners. I could watch the video of his 3000 meter win over and over and over again. (Hubby cut me off after 5 replays.)

On the women's side of the board, Chaunte Lowe's 2.05 meter high jump was amazing and propelled her to an overall win at the Championships. Her athleticism is impressive, but it was her post-win interview that totally won me over - Lowe has spent the past year training on 3-4 hours of sleep a night after the birth of her second child. She managed to rock the Championship AND keep a sense of humor and perspective about the run-work-life balance.

What is your favorite sport to watch on television?
Do you have any athletic idols?


  1. haha was wondering how long "rest" would last. Glad you had a fun day, lady. :)

  2. Watching elites in action is always so inspiring and so amazing. They are just different animals!

  3. I'm pretty sure it's blasphemous to say no to yuenling ;)

  4. I liked Yuengling a lot better when I couldn't get it in Ohio. At any rate, way better than that other swill they were using as "beer." Sounds like a fun weekend. Cheers!

  5. I had athletic idols when I was younger but now I don't really have any. But I still love watching basketball on TV, I have no idea why either lol. I just love it. Great poser

  6. Yuengling and Sam Adams - how could not have multiple!


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