Sunday, July 3

Sweltering but successful fourth of July 5k

94 degrees.
3.1 miles.
A course described as both "flat and fast" and "shady." The flat part is 100 percent accurate. Fast is relative when it's 90+ degrees. Shady required a total stretch of the imagination. (Note to race organizers: Your use of the term "shady" because of a few trees along the route is only relative to Fort Worth's complete lack of shade in general. You might want to reconsider the "shade" terminology for next year's run.)

This was the Independence 5000, hosted by Cox Racing Services.

I won my age group. So, heat or no heat, it was a good morning, especially considering that I was nursing a calf injury all week.
Hubby placed second in his age group (a category more competitive than mine... but let's not dwell on those details) and 11th overall. My favorite part of the race was counting the winners passing me after their turn-around, and being able to yell to hubby "there are only 10 people ahead of you, go get 'em Speedy!"

The Fort Worth Independence 5000 had a few key features that I look for in a good race. The start/finish area was well organized and uncrowded. There were plenty of port-a-pottys (key feature in any race!). There was plenty of pre- and during-race water, and decent food and beverage after the run. And for short-course races, I really do love an out-and-back course. I get a thrill from watching the fastest runners speeding by toward their win.

On the negative side, the race was gun time, not chip time. Age group winner or not, my recorded "gun time" finish was a full 20 seconds slower than my watch time. It was a slow day for me anyway, so I'm not sure why this bothers me, but it does.

But overall, I'd run this race again. In true Texas style, the runners were friendly, exchanging "good mornings," commiserating that "my god it's hot" on the course, and encouraging each other to push through the final few hundred yards to "finish strong."


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog!! So fun to meet new peeps!! COngrats on completing your 5k in 94 degree heat! whoa!!!

  2. Thanks, Jess! Running in the heat is not my thing (i turned into a wimp after 10 years in perfect-weather San Diego) but I'm learning how to deal with it!

  3. you WON your age group! That's awesome! Especially considering that you told me you might be "walking" the race. Way to go Beth!

  4. My calf cooperated, and the heat was harder on the other women 30-34 than it was on me. (Maybe training in FL in the summer has it's competitive advantages?)


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