Saturday, July 30

Exercise and the workplace

I've written several times about the work-run-life balance. I am fortunate to work for a group that values exercise and active lifestyles. There is a locker room with showers in our office. Many co-workers bike to work. I have run as a means of commuting to the office, and am not the only person who has. No one thought my run-commute was crazy. In fact, many of us share tips about the best way to pack a change of clothes.

In a funny twist of fate, I almost scared off a long-time friend when she applied for a job at my company by telling her that "Not everyone there runs, but everyone does something -- hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking. It's a pretty active place." At the time, this friend never worked up a sweat for anything more active than a few holes of golf. With a cart. And cocktails. Fortunately she ignored my commentary and accepted the job offer anyway. It wasn't until months later that she admitted that the active-lifestyle crowd nearly scared her off!
(Side note: That conversation took place a few years ago. Since then she's completed a handful of 5ks... Maybe it's contagious?)

However, as this week's Dilbert comic strip points out so well, most companies don't understand the need to run during a lunch break:

The cartoon made me chuckle, so I had to share the running humor.

So... what's your workplace like? Are you considered a slacker if you run?

Or are you considered a slacker if you don't run?


  1. I am not a slacker, THANK YOU. I am a "nut"! I am considered a "nut" for having run even a half marathon, let alone for riding 100+ miles on the bike. And there are a few (very few) people who run, a fewer people who do triathlons and at least one hard-core cyclist. We are "nuts". For doing something we love, for doing something that's good for us, for doing something that's SO MUCH MORE FUN than watching TV. I consider them "nuts" for NOT wanting to do all this but I don't judge: I know what it's like to be THEM while they don't know what it's like to be me. Thanks, love.

  2. Luckily I work from home so there is no one to judge me besides my dog!

    When I was teaching they defintely encouraged us to be active. They let us use our prep periods to work out!

  3. @MZ - They're just jealous!

    @Girl in the pink - Truth be told, I recently started telecommuting, and now work from home most days. (And my cat doesn't mind sweaty gym clothes.) But it's the same job I've had for years, and running is still expected when I'm in the office. :)


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