Monday, July 25

Strange cravings

You know you're a runner when:

... you've been sitting at your desk for the better part of 10 hours (on top of 2 hours spent lecturing 30 college students) and what you start daydreaming about is a nice,

Seriously, in the 30 minute break I took for dinner tonight my one complaint to Hubby was "I really just want to RUN. I know my legs need a break from the weekend long runs and lifting. I know I have prep work to do for tomorrow's class. But.

Usually having a workout schedule keeps me on track to make sure I'm hitting my mileage targets. Today the calendar serves a bizarre alternate purpose: to remind me to take a day off.

I need this rest day for muscle recovery.
I need this rest day so that I can get my work done and get a good night's sleep tonight.

(Maybe if I keep repeating those sentences over and over, they'll sink into my brain. My feet still itch to get a move on.)

So am I alone in this?

Do you ever "crave" a run?

PS - Can we make marathon workdays an Olympic sport? I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who has had some insanely long days. It would be nice to take a medal home for it!

Photo courtesy of the Library of Virginia


  1. do I ever crave a run?!?! OF COURSE. All the time. I could have just completed a flawless 20 mile run, be driving somewhere and see a runner and you know what? I get jealous because I wish I were still running too. Its sick really.

  2. Lately I don't, unfortunately. But I've definitely felt that feeling before!

  3. I am learning that the twitchy, stressed feeling I get is best alleviated by running. The more I learn this, the more I learn that I crave running!

  4. @Keri - I definitely know what you mean.

    When I drove cross-country (twice!) this past year, I gazed longingly/jealously at the runners who were not stuck in a car for 10-hours/day. ;)


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