Friday, July 8


Today is all about the smoke.

First smoke of the day
A nearby wildfire forced me into the gym this morning, which is probably for the best, as I find speedwork unbearable in this hot weather. Going to the gym resulted in a 4.5 mile run at a 9 minute pace, followed by 6 x 400s at a 7 minute pace. (Intervals are the best way to power through a dreadmill workout!)

I feel good!

Second smoke of the day
I took a coffee break from my day job this morning to watch the last shuttle takeoff. I was glad to witness a little piece of history as Atlantis began its final journey. The most amazing and oddly beautiful thing, to me, was the smoke plume from the rocket at takeoff.

...and the shuttle moves at 2,000 miles an hour! Now that's smokin'.

Third smoke of the day
In a sleep-induced fog this morning I mentioned to hubby that I was craving the smoked potato salad from a nearby store known as BBQ Heaven (not the deli's real name)... So, where is hubby now? Buying smoked potato salad on his way home from work...

True love!

(Note: The potato salad from BBQ Heaven is incredible. The ingredients are traditional, but the deli "bakes" the potatoes in a smoker, which turns them into magical spuds that are completely addictive.)

Photos courtesy of: The Library of New South Wales and NASA
Potato salad fix courtesy of: Hubby and BBQ Heaven

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