Sunday, July 31

Found on the web: before and after photos of (ahem) joggers

Ok, I'll leave aside my angst at the title of Miss Alice's post (We are not JOGGERS. We are RUNNERS.) and share with you some clever photography recently posted to My Modern Met, and shared with me by my wonderfully art-minded friend R.

The photographer is Sacha Goldberger, who photographed "joggers" (the artist's and Met blogger's term, not mine) after a run near Paris. (Side note: Sacha's website is an amusing diversion, definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it.)

The photography is beautiful, if clearly staged. (I've never seen a runner with one shoulder of a jacket dangling provocatively halfway down an arm. That would be annoying. The zipper would chafe. A runner would be more likely to stash the ill-fitting jacket on a tree limb than run with it flopping around.)

But photo-staging aside, the images are beautiful, and telling. Bedraggled-looking runners are polished and transformed with glamorous day- and evening-attire. And from a purely aesthetic perspective, I find the monochromatic palette to be visually appealing.

Hmm... Makes me wonder what I really look like after a long run?

Have you ever taken before/after photos from your races or training runs?

And, for my own curiosity, do you get annoyed when people say you're a "jogger?" To me, "jogging" implies 1980s track-suit-and-leg-warmer-clad people who pretend to run, but who never actually break a sweat. Am I alone in this pet peeve?

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