Friday, July 29

Stockholm Syndrome

It's official. I've lived on the Gulf Coast for too long. A few of days of rain dropped the temperatures down to a reasonable 81 degrees, and 78 percent humidity.

Yes, I said "reasonable" in the same sentence as 81 degrees and 78 percent humidity.

Break out the white jacket and restraints. Clearly I've lost my mind. The first sign of Swampholm-Stockholm Syndrome is thinking 81 and humid is "reasonable" weather.

Nevertheless, crazy or not, I used the lovely "break from the heat" as an excuse to squeeze a run into my work schedule yesterday. I couldn't risk waiting until after work to lace up my running shoes, because the evening forecast predicted severe thunderstorms - and even crazy people have their limits.

So I took a late afternoon "smoke break" and went out for a 30 minute run. (Hey, if the smokers can take 15 minutes off two or three times a day, I see no reason why I can't run in between meetings. Smoking or running, we come back to the office smelling gross. But at least running doesn't increase group insurance premiums!)

After the run, I plopped right back down in my office chair (which I covered with a towel, for the chair's protection -- I was still soaked through with sweat) to work late and wrap up a project that's due.

So, the moral of this story is: I'm not sure what the most shocking symptom of craziness is:
  1. being psyched about sneaking in a sweaty run,
  2. covering my chair with a towel so I can get back to work post-haste, or
  3. admitting to the blogosphere that I did 1, and 2 above.
What's the craziest thing you've ever done to make sure you get to run?

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