Wednesday, July 6


My life is getting in the way of my running (and my blogging).

Last week I started teaching a 6-week summer session of Sociology. 2 hours a day, 4 days a week, plus grading and prep time in addition to my regular "day job" (which kept me pretty busy as it was).

I cleverly scheduled a my training "rest week" to coincide with the first week of classes, but now I'm supposed to be back to a normal two-a-day workout schedule. I did both scheduled workouts yesterday.

But today my choice is clear: run or sleep. After working from 8:15am until (what time is it now?) 10:56pm, I think sleep wins...

But just this once.

I will run tomorrow. Even if it means taking an extra long lunch from the "day job."

What do you do to keep on track with your running when life gets hectic?

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