Tuesday, July 12

I need destination race ideas

By now you know my love for running-related travel, but (hate to admit) I have never raced out-of-country.

A long-time travel buddy of mine, who recently caught the running bug, has convinced me that we need to meet for a "destination race" sometime in the next year.

I love this idea!

But HELP! There are too many to choose from!

What is your favorite international race (especially 10k or half marathon)? And why?


Are there any tips or tricks we should know for international racing?

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  1. Nothing beats running in the Canadian Rockies, especially if you like trail running and/or cool weather.

    But I suppose I shouldn't have to tell you that, you were here running! Let me know if you need help finding races, my next door neighbour in Canmore is an ultra-marathoner.


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